Jacob Salomons Classical Guitar instruction Faq’s

What is Classical Guitar?

I encourage all protective students to do some research on what the instrument is about. The following link (click here) will give a general description. I also encourage potential students to search for classical guitar on YouTube

Why Classical Guitar?

Classical guitar is a wise choice for a number of reasons.

1. Classical guitar teaches the use of the entire finger board which results in a compete knowledge of the instrument as well as a complete knowledge of standard notation.
2. The music is highly varied giving the student an appreciation of many different musical genres.
3. Nylon strings are easier on the fingers, particularly for younger students.

Please bear in mind that Classical guitar is a discipline and requires disciplined and consistent Practise

Do you teach students at all levels?

Yes, my only requirements are that beginners should be aware that classical guitar is a discipline and that rapid progress is dependent on availabiliy of practise time as well consistent and thoughtful practice. Extremely young students should have gone through some early childhood musical education such as Kodally.

Do you teach all types of guitar?

No , my speciality is Classical Guitar.

Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

The standard lesson term is September through June of the following year and students should be aware that they are committing to that period of time. In the event however that a student cannot complete the entire year, one full month notice is required to terminate the lesson agreement. Lessons are available during the summer as well but these will be negotiated separately.

Fees are payable by or prior to the first day of every month either in cash, post-dated
checks or email transfer through your bank.
In certain instances PayPal may be used however a 4% surcharge must be applied to cover PayPal handling fees.

  • Lesson attendance is the sole responsibility of the student, lessons missed will not be refunded and will only be made up if ample notice is given or in the case of illness, provided that the instructor is notified in advance. In some cases with at least 3 days notice a lesson may be re-scheduled but it is the students responsibility to arrange for a make-up lesson within the month that the absence occurred.

The student is entitled to 4 lessons per month, however some months will have an extra lesson generally 3 times a year. The instructor will take 2 weeks off in February or March in lieu of these extra lessons through-out the year.

5. Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be made up as soon as possible generally within the same month or at the end of the lesson term.

6. Absences due to business commitments will be made up only if 4 days notice is given and make up lessons must be taken within the current month

First and last months lesson fees are due at the first lesson and may be paid by cheque, in cash or by email bank transfer.

Do you give sample lessons?

While I do not give free “sample lessons”, I do offer a one time introductory lesson at $80.00 per hour. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or call me at 403-606-7858.

Where are you located?

Lessons are taught at #602 6i6 15th Ave.SW, Calgary.